Welding Manipulators and Peripherals

Integrated Solutions

Polysoude provides special solutions where the welding torch is moved into position and the work piece is supported by means of a welding manipulator, such as a positioner or rotator. After having selected the most suitable welding process for your application and requirements, Polysoude offers you integrated automated welding systems, using first class welding manipulators and peripherals, combined with modular electro-mechanical components in the form of welding torches, slides, wire feeders etc. Everything is perfectly synchronized by our dedicated NC-weld control, giving you the guarantee of a perfectly reproducible and traceable automated welding process.

Welding Lathe

Dedicated for tube to tube welding

Thanks to the modular concept, the welding lathe adapts to various diameters, lengths and weights of tubes and pipes

Positioner, Turntable & Pipe Supports

For circular weld joints with rotating work pieces

Interfaced with our NC-weld control the positioner or rotator becomes part of the integrated system, giving complete synchronisation

Column & Boom

Designed to move the welding head or the welding torch into position

In combination with a positioner or a rotator, both circular and longitudinal welds can be realised in all positions

Seam Welder

Dedicated for butt welding of plates and cylinders

The TIG and particularly the Plasma processes are used with a seam welder. The clamping system aligns and positions both ends to be welded face to face without any gap


Most flexible solutions thanks to multiple tasks robot systems

The robot is, by definition, the most versatile torch carrier and can be combined with all kinds of tooling and peripheral equipment, even for most complex weld joint geometries