Tranquil Fusion

Using the patented monitoring and control technology in droplet formation, with the highly sensitive Tranquil Fusion module and the energy-releasing technology in the power source, MEGMEET achieved precise control of the droplet formation and transfer. At the transfer moment of each droplet, welding current is controlled to be a extremely low level. As a result, the droplet moves into the melton pool peacefully without spatter from explosion. The waveform also lowered the heat-input substantially.

Features in Welding Process

  • Soft welding arc with tranquil welding pool and superbly low spatter.
  • The welding energy is subject to adjustment. Heat input can be eectively reduced
  • Remarkable welding junction with lowered defects of blowhole and undercut. Suitable for high quality root welding at all wedling positions.
  • The welding speed is signicantly increased
Automotive Parts
Spatter-free and low heat-input

Stainless steel
Two-wheeler parts
Low heat-input and strong in gap-filling

Thunder Fusion

Shot-circuit transfer was added into waveform of the standard pulse process. It is a superb combination of synergic and pulse welding process together with their advantages, and achieving better results with short welding arc.

Features in Welding Process

  • Welding with lowered voltage to achieve spatter-free and beautiful results with pulse process
  • Short in transfer arc, higher in transfer frequency, stronger in anti-interference capability
  • More friendly to robotic welding with high arc stiffness and sharp arc direction
  • Heat-input lowered to avoid defects like under-cut
  • Deposition rate increased
  • Welding spatter is eliminated. Welding process becomes well controlled
Heavy construction equipment
Spatter-free with thunder fusion
High-speed welding with anti-interference capability
Welding Aluminum and alloys
Higher quality in aluminum welding

DP Fusion

Using short-circuit and pulse welding waveform together but at high-frequency and stable alternate switching. Welding arc periodically heats and cools the base material, and eectively reduces heat-input. It is a welding method that combines shortcircuit and pulse transfer, which requires precise control of welding power source and waveform.

Features in welding process

  • Highly applicable for vertical-up welding without weaving
  • Highly suitable for full-position welding of plates over 2.5 mm, especially with robotics and welding automation
  • More precise control of heat-input and welding formation. The internal expert menu is highly open for configuration, and enables precisely control of the parameters such as the alternating frequency, duty cycle, peak value and base value
  • Obvious changes in energy. Fast in welding cycle. Achieving clear fish-scale results even in carbon steel and stainless steel
All-positioning welding
Vertical-up welding without weaving

Leaping fusion

Perfectly integrating the welding process, arc physics, power source technology of high dynamic response and motor control technology. Each time a macroscopic molten pool is formed during the welding process, the welding wire is drawn back at high frequency while the current is sharply reduced to quickly complete a spot welding. The cycle repeats itself, which is more ecient than the traditional spot-welding

Process Characteristics

  • The welding arc starts quickly, and ends sharply. The molten-pool can be formed fast, with extremely low heat input and deformation
  • 2-3 times faster than traditional spot welding, while achieving clear shscale welding appearance
  • High tolerance over in-consistent cutting results. Very suitable for welding of gaps and at all-position
  • Suitable for the bicycle industry where sh-scale results are requested for carbon steel

USB Port

It benefits welders by ensuing fast access to the latest or any tailor-made welding process by MEGMEET. Welding process could be shared and down-loaded from online into a USB, and used thru the port for upgrading.

Consistant fusion

When the base material is uneven and the stick-out length changes, the power-source automatically adjust instantly the wire-feeding speed, and prevent the melting depth from being affected by the changing stick-out length. Welding quality is therefore improved.

Process characteristics

  • The welding arc has high dynamic characteristics and stability, stable penetration, and high quality
  • Suitable for automated welding by robots and special machines