Carriage Type Welding Heads

The most versatile torch carrier

Open orbital welding heads of the carriage type travel around the tubes or pipes on suitable rails or tracks, which can be mounted on any tube OD from 32 mm (1,3″) upwards. The wall thickness of such tubes and pipes always requires multi-pass welding. The robust design of the carriage welding heads enables them to carry the necessary equipment, such as a torch with an AVC and oscillation device and on-board wire feeder with a spool weight of up to 5 kg. In addition, video cameras can be mounted, allowing the operator to watch and record the weld process. Depending on the application, these welding heads can be equipped with a conventional TIG torch with gas lens or with a Narrow Groove torch.

Polycar 30

Low Profile –Compact carriage-type welding head

Special design for minimal radial clearance, with on-board wire feeder

Polycar 60

Standard duty – Full function V- and J-groove carriage-type welding head

For medium wall thicknesses, TIG Cold and Hot Wire

Polycar 60 PLC

Medium duty – Narrow Groove (NG) carriage-type welding head

For NG welding of critical applications and heavy wall piping such as primary loop circuits, NG and conventional torch with video module

Polycar MP

Heavy duty – Narrow Groove (NG) carriage-type welding head

For heavy wall-piping applications and linear seams on wall thicknesses of up to 300mm, various NG torches with built-in cameras