Tube to Tubesheet Welding Heads

The result of 60 years of continuous improvement

POLYSOUDE provides different configurations of tube-to-tubesheet equipment according to the application and special requirements:

  • A closed chamber welding head allows the execution of fusion welding without the addition of filler wire.
  • An open welding head without AVC configuration is particularly suitable for single layer welding. Two layers must be welded in two separate steps.
  • An open welding head with AVC configuration allows the use of multiple welding heads with filler wire by one operator. The electrode to workpiece distance can be programmed and is kept constant without interruption of the weld cycle.
TS 34

Precise and clean – Perfectly positioned and free of oxidation

Specially designed for the fusion welding of flush and slightly recessed titanium, inconel and all oxidation sensible materials

TS 8/75

“Top Gun” – One operator handles multiple welding heads

Designed for all weld joint configurations (protruding, flush, recessed, …). The welding head is equipped with a pneumatic clamping/centering system.