The multi-talented device for daily usage in arc, stud and resistance welding

WeldScanner combines the functions of a “multimeter”, an “oscilloscope” and a “writer” in a portable, industry-compliant handheld device. It has been designed as a universal aid for welding experts for documenting welding data, error analysis, power source calibration and the “T8/5 time measurement”. The sensors provided are used to connect WeldScanner to the the welding power source with just a few turns of the hand.

After an automatic detection of the welding start, the display shows parameters such as welding voltage, welding current, wire speed, gas flow rate and two additional free measuring channels and saves the curve progressions in the device memory.

SCAN1Additional analysis options such as analysing the parameter progressions, archiving, printing the documentation and calibration logs are provided by the easy-to-understand Windows software. The data from WeldScanner is copied to the PC using a USB memory stick and  can be analysed on the PC systematically as per the date, time and number.

After ending the welding process, average values of parameters and curve progressions can be displayed and also be printed directly using a printer.


  • Recording and optimising the documentation, maintenance, checks, evaluation and calibration of welding systems and processes as regards quality and consumption values
  • Finding the causes of errors
  • Preparing process inspections and work instructions (WPS)
  • For automated and manual welding
  • For welding process variables such as current, voltage, gas, wire, etc.
  • Writer, calibration device and “digital oscilloscope”
  • Measuring the T 8/5 time
  • Up to 3200 measurements/sec


  • Rugged and industry-compliant owing to a stable aluminium die cast housing
  • HF tested
  • Large colour display
  • USB port
  • Internal memory of up to 64 hours
  • Can be universally connected to all welding devices
  • Very easy to operate
  • Connection of WeldScanner with just a few turns of a hand.



   A tabular list of all welding recordings in the ring storage is given below. Each row represents one welding sequence. This table contains the list of average values of recorded parameters, batch numbers as well as the date and time of recording.
The detail view shows curve progressions and average values of parameters of this welding sequence.


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