The WEED CAT – is a multi-purpose ecological vessel designed to handle ecological problems able to collect all kinds
of floating and semi-submerged pollutants includes algae, weeds, plastics materials, woods, trashes, litter, bottles, solid
debris, organic matters both close to shore & in marinas, lakes, ponds, dams, swamps, canals, bay, as well as port areas
and other waterways worldwide built in series to proven reliable standard design and equipment with high quality
standardized components and equipment:

WEED CAT has developed systems / attachments were conceived for harvesting, transporting and dumping weeds.
WEED CAT cut the weeds; they fall back onto a continuously revolving conveyor and drop them into the storage hold.

* The vessel is based on a robust steel catamaran or mono hull.
* A heavy duty construction.
* Large work deck suitable for loads.
* Excellent maneuverability.
* Shallow draft.
* Excellent stability.
* Single or Twin Engines.
* Hydraulic Crane for crane operations.
* Fire fighting.
* Cleans rocks & docks and reefs.
* Oxygenates Water.
* Dispersant spraying.
* Stores floating & semi-submerged wastes.
* Stores floating vegetation, weeds, water hyacinth, salvinia, duck weeds, algae, rooted submerged, Eurasian milfoil,
elodea, hydrilla, eelgrass, pondweeds, rooted emerged, bulrushes, cattails, reeds, saw grass and sedge.







“Specifications, options and features are subject to change without notice. Some of the equipment on the boats shown may be optional”.


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