TIG400 W398

  • Digital welding circuit design ensures refined welding performance. Min. 5A current for 0.5mm thin plates. Extremely excellent welding performance when under pulse mode.
  • Multiple TIG functions including not only for 2T and 4T operations, but also repeat welding, so as to satisfy different welding demands.
  • Three proofing design to satisfy extremely harsh working environment.
  • Only one control PCB, compact and reliable.
  • Reserved digital interface for auto welding equipment.


  • HF PULSE TIG (Only TIG400P)
  • MMA
  • 2T/4T, repeat
  • Remote control interface
  • Gas check


  • Digital interface
Technical Parameters
TIG400 W398
Input power source3~AC380V±15% 50/60 Hz
Rated input current (A)25.3
Rated input power capacity (KVA)18
Power factor (cosφ)0.9
No-load voltage (V)68
Rated output (A/V)400/36
Rated duty cycle (%) @40oC60
Welding current (A)10-400
Arc force range (A)0-200
Arc start range (A)0-200
Pre-flow time (S)0.2-10
Initial current (A)10-400
Pilot arc current (A)10-400
Up/down-slope time (S)0-10
Background current (A)
Peak current (A)10-400
Post-flow time (S)2-15
Pulse frequency range (Hz)
Pulse duty factor (%)
Efficiency (%)85
Protection classIP21S
Insulation classF
Dimensions (mm)710x415x580
Weight (kg)30