• T 400 DC W PULSE CEL inverter is TIG and Covered and Cellulosic Electrode welding machine
  • Designed especially for the chemical industry, oil and gas pipe weldings, repair – maintenance weldings and the supply of fine metals.
  • Thanks to the Manual Pulse, Quick Pulse and Synergic Pulse feature, an easily controllable weld bath, stable arc formation and better penetration are achieved.
  • Thanks to the integrated timer, arc welding at the start and end of the arc, end gas, soft start and descent times can be adjusted and the tungsten electrode is protected.
  • With HF TIG high frequency ignition feature, arc starting is provided without tungsten contact to material.
  • The LIFT-TIG function
  • With the 2T-4T function, it offers the possibility of welding without pressing the trigger continuously.
  • Spot welding can be done quickly and uniformly.
  • Optional remote control provides current control via torch or pedal.
  • Thanks to the Inverter Technology, it provides up to 35% energy savings and a stable arc characteristic during welding.
  • Thermal overload protector and fault codes appearing on the digital display to prevent damage to the machine under overload or if the air flow inside the machine is interrupted.
  • Smart Cooling Fan Technology works only when needed, reducing noise, dusting inside the machine and energy consumption.
  • Fully compatible with electricity generators
Mains Voltage (VAC)400 ± %10
Ampere Range (A)10-400
Duty Cycle (40oC)%35 : 400 A, 26 V
%60 : 350 A, 24 V
%100 : 300 A, 22 V
Maximum Input Power (kVA)17.8 kVA
Open Circuit Voltage (VDC)61
Dimensions (HxWxL, mm)147 x 370 x 480
Net Weight (kg)64.2 kg
Standard Accessories3m Mains Cable (4 x 4 mm2)
3m Ground Cable (50 mm2)
Gas Regulator
Gas Hose (1.5 m)
4m 400A Torch