• T 270 DC W Pulse Inverter Power Unit provides seamless welding with welded electrodes with rutile and basic character electrodes of 2.50mm, 3.25mm and 4.00mm diameter.
  • Industrial welding machine designed specifically for use in rootstock welding applications, especially in the shipbuilding industry and in oil, natural gas, chemical and water pipeline construction.
  • Digital ampere display and precise current setting for easy operation.
  • Thanks to the Inverter Technology, it provides up to 35% energy savings
  • Stable arc characteristic during welding.
  • With the Hot Start feature, the electrode is easily ignited and it is prevented from sticking to the workpiece.
  • XForce provides high penetration and easy welding applications.
  • The thermal overload protector and indicator lamp
  • The LIFT-TIG function
  • Smart Cooling Fan Technology
  • Wind Tunnel Design
  • Can be produced in groups of 4, 6 and 8 for multiple use.
  • Fully compatible with electric generators.