PA-S70 W


The plasma cutting unit PA-S70 W issuitable for manual and mechanised cutting of material thicknesses in the range from 3 to 70 mm. The use of a range of different plasma gases and gas mixtures allows the clean cutting and gouging of electrically conductive materials. As portable systems, they can be used in workshops, training centres and on construction sites.

Power sourcePA-S70 W
Mains voltage*3x 400 V, 50 Hz
Fuse, slow125 A
Connected load, max.76 kVA
Cutting current
at 100% d.c.80 A – 160 A
at 80% d.c.240 A
Cutting range3 – 70 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)1380 x 870 x 1080 mm
Weight460 kg
Plasma torchPB-S70 W

*Other voltages and frequencies available upon request.

  • Optional use of hand or machine torch
  • Suitable for 2D and 3D guiding systems
  • Robust and simple design
  • Portable systems for mobile use
  • Reliable even under challenging production conditions
  • Cutting current with three settings
  • Fluid cooling of plasma torch for long comsumable life
  • Quick switch from cutting to plasma gouging
  • Angled torch heads and special shaft designs for optimised cutting of 3D parts
  • Nozzles, spacers and caps for template cutting
  • Nozzles and ceramic caps for plasma gouging
  • Wheel guide for cutting with scribers
  • Bevelling cap and bevel cutting attachment with selectable angle setting for bevel cutting for weld seam preparation or for trimming
  • Circle cutting attachment in combination with magnetic or suction holders for continuous cutting of arcs without setting down or changing grip