PA-S25 W

PA-S25 W

Plasma Cutting System PA-S25 W

  • Plasma cutting of all electrically conductive materials up to 25 mm with water cooled hand and machine torches PB-S25 WH and PB-S25 W
  • Recommended cutting range 3 – 15 mm
  • Piercing 12 mm
  • Manual or mechanised cutting with air, O2, Ar/H2/N2 or Ar/H2 as plasma gases Ar/N2
  • Even suitable for plasma gouging
  • Excellently suitable for semi-automated cutting jobs, but also in workshops, for repair, construction sites and training centres.
  • Suitable for straight, profile and bevel cutting in all positions, for piercing, for hole and slot cutting, for gouging

Power Source PA-S25 W

  • Application of water cooled machine or hand torches.
  • Standard torches with 6 or 10 m hose parcel.
  • In connection with plasma ignition box and hose parcel extensions working area increased up to 50 m
  • The gas mixing unit ensures precise and reproducible gas mixtures.
  • Hf protected torches and hose parcel extensions for CNC controlled guiding systems.
  • By changing only the cathode – nozzle system the torches are suitable for all plasma gases.
  • On customer’s request special torch models are available – 60° and 90°, short shank, etc.
  • Fast change-over from cutting to gouging process.
  • Key-switch to avoid unauthorised use.
  • By Fine Focus principle with Double Straight effect and up to six times higher cutting speed compared to gas cutting (depending on material thickness).
  • High-voltage ignition for pilot arc start.
  • Running cutting start and running piercing possible, no reference point necessary!
  • Automatic power increase if the pilot arc contacts the workpiece.
  • Optimal cutting current adaption to the cutting job.
  • XL-Life-Time system for the plasma gas O2.
  • Excellent cutting quality of both cutting surfaces.
  • Small kerfes, minimal material loss, low pollution by Fine Focus plasma principle with Double-Straight effect.
  • Flexible plasma gas selection ensures optimal results on all metals.
  • Through a direct and extremely effective water cooling of the parts an up to five times life of nozzles and cathodes can be achieved.
  • Soft start circuit increases the life time of nozzles and cathodes.
  • Safety shut-down for cutting with hand torches and key-operated switch to avoid unauthorised starting.
  • Control of the plasma gas, the thermal cycle and the thermal load of the plasma cutting system.

Adaptive accessories

  • Plasma ignition box PZ-S45W-1
  • Plasmagas mixing unit PM-S45W
  • Plasma torch connection PBA-S45W
  • Plasma counter PZE-1
  • Hose parcel extension PZL-S45W-1 (2 m, 10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 40 m)
  • Remote control FB 1
  • Compressor unit





Mains Voltage   3 x 230 V; 50 Hz    
Cutting Range              
  • Maximum
  25 mm          
  • Recomended
  3 - 15 mm          
Connecting Power   22 / 16 kVA          
Mains fuses(slow-blow)   50 / 32 A
Mains frequency   50 Hz / 60 Hz
Protection Class   IP 22
Open Circuit Voltage   370 V ( DC )
Cutting Current   25 A / 45 A (100% d. c.)    Max. 70 A (70% d. c.)
Weight 168 kg
Plasma gases Air, O2, Ar/H2, Ar/H2/N2
Cooling Kjellfrost
 Dimensions( LxWxH )    920 x 630 x 960 mm
    Manufactured on the basis of the standard EN 60974
    CE sign, Manufacture according to DIN EN ISO 9001
    S sign, applicable to environments with increased hazard of electric shock
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