M 200 C Pulse Rapid

  • M 200 Pulse Rapid with inverter technology that allows the user to make the gas (MIG), electrode (MMA) and TIG welding with a single machine.
  • It provides welding without sputtering by means of pulse function. Synergic, Pulse and Manual use.
  • Comes with features of XForce, XRoot , Xpipe and Xcold programs
  • It is equipped with special programs for Steel / CrNi / Aluminum / Copper weldings.
  • Digital display and easy-to-use front panel, it allows the welder to adjust the wire speed, voltage and amperage values.
  • 37 mm wire spool, Encoder motor and 4×4 wire feed unit ensure stable and non-spun arc formation. Especially in aluminum wires, wire breaking problem is eliminated
  • With the 2T-4T function, it offers the possibility of welding without pressing the trigger continuously.
  • The LIFT-TIG function
  • Thanks to the Inverter Technology, it provides up to 35% energy saving
  • Stable arc characteristic during welding.
  • Front gas, hot start, final gas, crater filler and backflush properties
  • Thermal overload protector and error codes appearing on the digital
  • Smart Cooling Fan Technology
  • Wind Tunnel Design
  • Fully compatible with electric generators.
Mains Voltage (VAC)230 + %10
Ampere Range (A)20-200
Duty Cycle (40oC)%25 : 200 A, 23 V
%60 : 110 A, 19 V
%100 : 90 A, 18.1 V
Maximum Input Power (kVA)7.2 kVA
Open Circuit Voltage (VDC)68
Dimensions (HxWxL, mm)392 x 243 x 578
Net Weight (kg)23 kg
Standard Accessories3m Mains Cable (4 x 2.5 mm2)
2m Chassis Cable (16 mm2)
Gaz Regulator
3m 200A Torch
Stock CodeM0084