KS 271

  • The KS 271 Inverter Power Unit provides seamless welding with rutile, and specially basic electrodes with a diameter of 2.50 mm, 3.25 mm, 4.00 mm and 5.00 mm
  • Designed for long life use and high performance, especially under tough conditions such as the shipbuilding industry.
  • Provides easy operation with digital ampere display and precise current setting.
  • With inverter technology, it provides energy saving up to 35%
  • Stable arc characteristic during welding.
  • The thermal overload protector and indicator lamp
  • With the Hot Start feature, the electrode is easily ignited
  • XForce provides high penetration and easy welding applications.
  • The LIFT-TIG function
  • Smart Cooling Fan Technology
  • Wind Tunnel Design
  • Can be produced in groups of 4, 6 and 8 for multiple use.
  • Fully compatible with electric generators
Mains Voltage (VAC)400 + %10
Ampere Range (A)20-270
Duty Cycle (40oC)%35 : 270A, 30.8V
%60 : 225 A, 29.0 V
%100 : 180 A, 27.2 V
Maximum Input Power (kVA)10.3 kVA
Open Circuit Voltage (VDC)61
Dimensions (HxWxL, mm)203 x 435 x 420
Net Weight (kg)14 kg
Standard Accessories3m Mains Cable (4 x 2.5 mm2)
3m Chassis Cable (35 mm2)
2m Electroder Holder (35 mm2)