KM 600 W Pulse

  • KM 600 W Pulse is a water cooled inverter gas welding machine which allows the user to make the gas (MIG), coated electrode (MMA) and TIG welding with a single machine.
  • Synergic function allows any additional metal, using the wire diameter and material thickness of the protective gas source programs according to one of the wire speed or welding current value automatically sets all remaining welding parameters is selected.
  • Thanks to the Pulse function, it provides welding without sputtering. Synergic, Pulse and Manual use.
  • Comes with features of XForce, XCold, XRoot, XPipe specifications.
  • It is equipped with special programs for Steel / CrNi / Aluminum / Copper weldings.
  • Thanks to its digital display and easy-to-use front panel, it allows the welder to adjust the wire speed, voltage and amperage values.
  • Front gas, hot start, final gas, crater filler and backflush properties improve welding seam appearance and welding performance.
  • 37 mm wire spool, Encoder motor and 4×4 wire feed unit ensure stable and non-spun arc formation. Especially in aluminum wires, wire breaking problem is eliminated
  • Up to 100 program memories
  • 2T-4T function,.
  • The LIFT-TIG function
  • Thanks to the Inverter Technology, it provides up to 35% energy savings
  • Stable arc characteristic during welding.
  • Thermal overload protector and error codes appearing on the digital display
  • Smart Cooling Fan Technology
  • Fully compatible with electric generators


Mains Voltage (VAC)400 + %10
Ampere Range (A)40-600
Duty Cycle (40oC)%60 : 600 A, 41.0 V
%100 : 500 A, 36.5 V
Maximum Input Power (kVA)32.7
Open Circuit Voltage (VDC)90
Dimensions (HxWxL, mm)600 x 1200 x 1050
Net Weight (kg)130 kg
Standard Accessories4m Mains Cable (4 x 6 mm2)
3m Chassis Cable (70 mm2)
Gaz Regulator
Extension Package (5 m)
3m 600A Torch
Stock CodeM0185