HiFocus 80i Plus

HiFocus 80i Plus

Plasma Cutting System HiFocus 80i PLUS

  • Plasma cutting of all electrically conductive materials from 0.5 mm up to 25 mm material thickness
  • Recommended cutting range up to 20 mm material thickness
  • piercing 15 mm
  • Cost-saving alternative to laser cutting with less than one fourth of the investment and operation costs
  • CNC-controlled cutting with plasma machine torch PerCut 80/PerCut 90 and optional use of oxygen, hydrogen or air as plasma gas
  • Flexible adaptation to 2D or 3D guiding systems like robots, profile cutting machines or tube cutting machines
  • Low squareness and inclination tolerances of the cut surface; nearly no rework required
  • Precise profiles when cutting sharp edges or narrow radii
  • Cutting of small holes
  • High lifetime of torch consumables due to dual gas ignition and nozzle saving piercing with swirl-gas technology

Power Source HiFocus 80i

  • Flexible adaptation of the process sequence to the cutting conditions by soft switch inverter with microprocessor control
  • Optimum process control due to very fast cutting-current adaptation
  • Individual manual gas control with the plasma gas control unit PGE3-HM for achieving the optimum cut quality
  • Process monitoring for torch cooling, ignition time, pilot arc time, power source, gas system
  • Display of operating modes and error message by LED and display
  • Analogue interface for adaptation to CNC (and serial interface for robot applications)
  • Stepless cutting-current adjustment from 10 to 80 A
  • Optimum piercing capabilities due to stepless time delay by adjustable current increase
  • Adjustable current reduction at corner, start and stop signals from the guiding system
  • Automatic display of the preselected cutting current
  • Serial data transfer to PC for diagnostic purposes

Plasma Torch PerCut 80/90

  • Plasma machine torch PerCut 80 for standard applications and high-precision bevel cutting
  • Quick-change torch PerCut 90 with bayonet coupling for quick change of the same or different combinations of consumables
  • Special torches are available for special applications
  • High lifetime of consumables due to direct water cooling, swirl gas and dual-gas ignition
 POWER SOURCE   HiFocus 80i
Mains Voltage   3 x 400 V; 50 Hz    
Cutting Range          
  • Maximum
  25 mm        
  • Recomended
  0.5 -20 mm        
Connecting Power ( At 250 A )   17 kVA (100% d. c.)        
Mains fuses(slow-blow)   25 A
Mains frequency   50 Hz / 60 Hz
Protection Class   IP 22
Open Circuit Voltage   330 V ( DC )
Weight 161 kg
Cutting Current 10 – 80 A
Cooling Kjellfrost
Dimensions( LxWxH ) 970 x 510 x 970 mm
  Max Piercing   15 mm
 Plasma machine torch PerCut 80
Quick-change torch PerCut 90
Clamping diameter
• PerCut 80 44 mm
• PerCut 90 50 mm
Plasma gases O2, N2, Air
 Swirl gases O2, N2, Air, N2/H2 (F5)
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