HiFocus 600i neo


The plasma cutting system HiFocus 600i neo sets new standards for plasma cutting: materials with a thickness from 0.5 to 160 mm can be cut precisely. Furthermore the system is suited for marking, bevel and underwater cutting. Consisting of two power sources (HiFocus 360i neo, power module HiFocus 600i neo) the system achieves a maximum cutting current of 600 A and can be adapted to guiding systems. With HiFocus neo the user benefits, compared to competitors, from higher speed when cutting and marking electrically conductive materials, ensuring at the same time excellent quality and low process costs. Thanks to the optimised technology, the consumables are handled gently and the plasma cutting process is more efficient. The plasma cutting system HiFocus 600i neo uses the approved Contour Cut technology for cutting contours, holes and webs fast and precisely in mild steel.

Power sourceHiFocus 360i neoPower Modul HiFocus 600i neo
Mains Voltage*3 x 400 V, 50 Hz3x 400 V, 50 Hz
Cutting current (at 100% duty cycle)10-360 A100 – 300 A
Marking current5-50 A
Cutting range0.5 – 160 mm

*Other voltages and frequencies available upon request.

  • Contour Cut
    Exact contours and holes in mild steel with a diameter to material thickness ratio of 1:1 (Diameter:material thickness)
  • Contour Cut Speed
    Contour cutting in mild steel with similar quality and up to 50% higher speed
  • Silent Cut
    Cutting of mild steel with reduced sound pressure level
  • HiFinox
    Plasma cutting of stainless steel and aluminium from 1 to 6 mm with significantly less dross
  • Ar/H2 Mix
    Excellent cutting results thanks to active mixing of single gases for stainless steel and aluminium starting from 6 mm
  • Marking, notching, punching
    Individual labeling of the material

Plasma Cutting: Material Ni36 (1.3912) , 160 mm

Underwater Plasma Cutting, stainless steel, 12 mm

Plasma Cutting of 120 mm Stainless Steel

Piercing in 100 mm Stainless Steel