HiFocus 161i Plus

HiFocus 161i Plus

Plasma Cutting System HiFocus 161i Plus

• Plasma cutting of all electrically conductive materials with the Contour Cut technology between 0.5 mm and 50 mm
• Recommended cutting range between 0.5 mm and 38 mm
• Maximum Piercing 30 mm
• Cutting, marking and punching without change of plasma torch and consumables, by using the plasma gas control unit FlowControl, also on coated materials
• Cost-saving alternative to laser cutting with less than one fourth of the investment and operating costs
• CNC-controlled cutting with machine torch and optional use of oxygen, nitrogen or argon/hydrogen as plasma gas
• Flexible adaption to 2D and 3D CNC guiding systems like robots, profile cutting machines and pipe cutting machines
• Contour Cut guarantees high repeatability and dimension accuracy of the cut parts
• Low squareness and inclination tolerances of the cut surfaces, nearly no rework required
• Precise contours when cutting sharp edges and small radii
• Cutting of holes with small diameters in mild steel with the Contour Cut technology
• High lifetime of consumables due to dual gas ignition and nozzle saving piercing with swirl gas technology

Power Source HiFocus 161i PLUS

• Flexible adaption of the process sequences to the cutting conditions due to soft switch inverter with microprocessor control
• Optimum process control due to very quick adjustment of the cutting current
• Monitoring of the process sequences (torch cooling, ignition time, pilot arc time, short circuit time during torch ignition, power source etc.)
• Display of operating modes and error message by LED and display
• Analogue and serial interface for adaption to CNC-control
• Serial data transfer to PC for diagnostic purposes
• Stepless cutting current setting from 10 to 160 A and marking current setting from 5 to 25 A
• Optimum piercing due to stepless time delay for main arc and adjustable upslope
• Adjustable down-slope at corner, start and end signals of the guiding system
• Automatic display of pre-selected cutting current
• Serial data transfer to PC for diagnostic purposes

Contour Cut and Contour Cut Speed

• Optimized plasma cutting technologies for cutting contours in mild steel
• Precise plasma cutting of small contours and holes 1:1 with Contour Cut
• Cutting of large contours up to 50 % faster with Contour Cut Speed
• High cut quality and contour accuracy
• Reduced angular deviations and improved quality of cut surfaces
• Very high repeatability and dimension accuracy
• No time-consuming after-treatment – high productivity at low costs
• Standard for all HiFocus systems – no further equipment

Plasma Torch PerCut 201/211

• Plasma machine torch PerCut 201 for standard applications as well as for high-precision bevel cutting
• Quick-change torch PerCut 211 with thread for a quick and handy installation of the torch
• Special torches like robot version, short or/and inclined versions, are available for special applications
• Higher cutting speeds reduce the costs per cutting meter
• Long lifetime of consumables saves resources
• Narrower cutting kerfs and, therefore, less emissions and waste
• Significantly lower gas consumption compared to competitive products due to more effective liquid cooling system
• Due to lower gas consumption comparatively low noise level
• Bevel cutting up to 50 degrees with standard consumables
• Cutting and marking with the same consumables

Gas Control Unit

Automatic plasma gas control unit FlowControl 2 consisting of plasma gas valve unit (PGV) and plasma gas controller (PGC) for automatic gas flow control according to the material quality and thickness via databases installed in the PGC or the CNC guiding system.



 POWER SOURCE   HiFocus 161i
Mains Voltage   3 x 400 V; 50 Hz    
Cutting Range          
  • Maximum
  50 mm        
  • Recomended
  0.5 – 38 mm        
Connecting Power ( At 250 A )   28 kVA (100% ED)        
Mains fuses(slow-blow)   50 A
Mains frequency   50 Hz / 60 Hz
Protection Class   IP 22
Open Circuit Voltage   330 V ( DC )
Weight 206 kg
Cutting Current 10 – 160 A (100% d. c.)
Cooling Kjellfrost
Dimensions( LxWxH ) 985 x 570 x 1185 mm
 Max Piercing   30 mm
 Marking Current  5 – 25 A (100% d. c.)
 Plasma machine torch PerCut 201
Quick-change torch PerCut 211
Clamping diameter  50.8 mm
Plasma gases O2, N2, Ar/H2
Marking gases Ar
Swirl gases O2, N2, Air, N2/H2 (F5)
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