Fine Focus 600

Fine Focus 600

Plasma Cutting System FineFocus 600

• Cutting of all electrically conductive materials up to 60 mm material thickness
• Recommended Cutting range from 3 up to 40 mm material thickness
• Max. Piercing up to 30 mm
• very economic, flexible and robust plasma cutting unit which is suitable for automated and mechanised cutting in connection with guiding systems and robots Longevity of consumables due to swirl gas technology
• Excellent cutting quality, metallically clean cut surfaces, dross-free resp. nearly dross-free cutting and, thus, negligibly low costs for after-treatment
• multiple-gas regime offers ideal plasma gas accordingly to required quality and material: Air, O2, Ar/H2
• highest flexibility due to optional selection of air as plasma gas – very economic operation possible
• Oxygen technology with YellowXLife® system produces metallically perfect cut surfaces for mild steel; no after-treatment for subsequent welding necessary
• FineFocus technique with PLUS technology for mild steel with minimal angular deviations and very high cutting speed
• High reliability of plasma torches through a direct and extremely effective cooling of the beam generating system and the torch head

Power Source FineFocus 600

• Stepless adjustable cutting current between 40 A and 200 A at 100 % duty cycle
• Special plasma power source with 12-pulse circuit for an extremely smooth cutting current; high efficiency and power factor
• Optimal and monitored process flow through microprocessor control
• Digital display of cutting current and voltage
• Extensive features as current pre-set, corner signal as well as current ramps
• Comfortable display of operating states with error message through LED signal and display
• Excellently suitable for CNC-controlled cutting tasks due to extensive interface


 POWER SOURCE   Fine Focus 600
Mains Voltage   3 x 400 V; 50 Hz    
Cutting Range              
  • Maximum
  60 mm          
  • Recomended
  3 - 40 mm          
Connecting Power   62 kVA          
Mains fuses(slow-blow)   100 A
Mains frequency   50 Hz / 60 Hz
Protection Class   IP 22
Open Circuit Voltage   400 V ( DC )
Weight 370 kg
Cutting Current 40 – 200 A (100% d. c.)
Cooling Kjellfrost
Dimensions( LxWxH ) 980 x 644 x 1320 mm
  Max Piercing   30 mm
 Plasma machine torch  PB-S60 W
Clamping diameter 58 mm
 Plasma gases   Air, O2, N2, Ar
Swirl gases   Air, N2
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