Fine Focus 800 plus

Fine Focus 800 plus

Plasma Cutting System FineFocus 800 Plus

Plasma Cutting System FineFocus 800 Twin Plus

• Plasma cutting systems FineFocus 800 and FineFocus 800 TWIN preferred for automated and mechanized cutting of all electrically conductive materials up to 80 mm material thickness in connection with guiding systems or robots
• Recommended cutting range up to 60 mm material thickness
• Maximum piercing 40 mm
• Suitable for cutting with suction unit (dry-plasma cutting) or cutting under water (UWP)
• Fine-focus technique with PLUS-technology for mild steel with very low inclination tolerance and high cutting speed
• or double-straight effect for the further use of both cutting edges, no waste

Power Source FineFocus 800 / FineFocus 800 TWIN

• The plasma cutting system FineFocus 800 is a unit with only one plasma torch connection
• The plasma cutting system FineFocus 800 TWIN allows the connection of two plasma torches which can be operated by turns, one of them can be a hand torch
• Steplessly adjustable cutting current between 80 A and 300 A at 100% duty cycle
• Plasma rectifier with 12-pulse circuit for an extremely smooth cutting current; high efficiency and power factor
• Excellently suitable for CNC-controlled applications
• Contactless high-voltage ignition for start of pilot arc
• Direct pre-selection of plasma gases and plasma gas mixtures (O2, air, Ar/H2, Ar/H2/N2)
• Metallurgically perfect cut surfaces due to XL-Life system for cutting of mild steel with oxygen; no rework necessary for subsequent welding
• Quick adaption to CNC-controlled guiding systems by serial, compatible interface
• Preset control function for pre-selection of cutting current and digital display of cutting current and arc voltage
• Select-control function for setting of cutting current from potentiometer of power source by remote control or CNC system (cutting table, robot, direct setting)
• Service-friendly diagnosis system for control and monitoring of the following working conditions: stand-by, pilot arc, main arc, pilot arc limitation, nozzle protection circuit, control mains connection, coolant flow, coolant temperature, plasma gas, thermal overload, cumulative error
• Corresponds to highest safety regulations according to BGV D1


 POWER SOURCE   Fine Focus 800 Plus / 800 Twin Plus
Mains Voltage   3 x 400 V; 50 Hz    
Cutting Range ( Dry )              
  • Maximum
  80 mm          
  • Recomended
  5 - 60 mm          
Connecting Power ( At 250 A )   83 kVA / 100 kVA          
Mains fuses(slow-blow)   125 A / 160 A
Mains frequency   50 Hz / 60 Hz
Protection Class   IP 22
Open Circuit Voltage   400 V ( DC )
Weight 566 kg / 552 kg
Cutting Current 80 A - 300 A
Cooling Kjellfrost
Dimensions( LxWxH ) 1320 x 844 x 1470 mm
  Max Piercing   40 mm
Plasma machine torch PB-S80 W
Quick-change torch PB-S80 WSM
Plasma hand torch   PB-S 75 WH-1
Clamping diameter   58 mm (Machine torch)
Plasma gases   Ar/H2, O2 , Air (Machine torch) Air (Hand torch)
Swirl gases   N2, Air
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