Ehave CM 350

  • Stabilized welding arc and low spatter at all output range. It is suitable for both root welding at low current and filling welding of high deposition efficiency at high current.
  • Strong penetration with concentrated welding arc. Heat input is lowered by 20% with smaller heat deformation for the same depth of penetration.
  • Outstanding performance in gap-filling welding with low sensitivity to wire stick-out; suitable for various welding positions and unskilled welders.
  • Dynamic droplet inspection and micro-control technology, which cuts output power immediately after the last metal transfer. The wire tip will be cleared to reduce time for ball-cleaning at situations of high quality welding. Better production efficiency can be ensured thanks to the higher success ratio of one-time ignition.
  • Direct achievement of locking-up with a password, multiple welding parameters, even extended functions thru the hot keys on the front panel, without any necessity and extra cost of additional equipment.
  • Default set of 10 welding parameters for both saving and activating. 99 sets are allowed at maximum for tailored design.
  • Analog communication with robot as optional.
Ehave CM 350
Control ModeFull Digital-Control
Rated Input VoltageAC 3PH 380V +/-25% (3ph 285V ~ 3PH 475V)
Input Frequency30 ~ 80 Hz
Rated Input Power13.8KVA
Power Factor0.94
Rated OCV63.7V
Rated Output Current30 ~ 400A
Rated Output Voltage12~38V
Duty Cycle350A 60% @ 40oC
271A 100% @ 40oC
Applicable MaterialCarbon Steel
Welding ProcessCO2 / MAG / FCAW / MMA
Wire Diameterφ 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm
Welding Operation Mode2T / 4T / Repeated 4T / Spot Welding
Parameter Channel10 (standard)
Inductance Scope (Soft / Strong Arc)-9 ~ +9
Communication with Robot Controller Analog
Reserved Communication InterfaceCAN
Cooling ModeIntelligent Air Cool
Wire-feeding Speed1.4 ~ 24 m/min
Electromagnetic CompatibilityIEC60974:10 EMS
Insulation GradeH
Ingress ProtectionIP 23S
Protection Against LighteningClass D (6000V/3000A)
Working Temperature & Humidity~39oC ~ +50oC ; Humidity ≤ 95%;
Dimension (L / W / H)620 x 300 x 480 mm
Gross Weight48 KG