Dex DM 3000/S

  • Low spatter arc for carbon steel at synergic MIG mode;
  • Better performance for SUS at synergic MIG mode;
  • Optional Short-arc pulse MIG/MAG with superb performance for SUS;
  • Improved welding result of aluminum;
  • Power-saving with up to 90% efficiency;
  • Waveform control at a new level with 180K HZ output frequency;
  • Better tolerance for welding voltage;
  • Standard Job saving features (upto 50 Job)
  • Up to 15m inter-connection cable;
  • Friendly interface with automation;
  • Longer service life and lower defective rate thanks to improved mechanical design;

Application & Industries

  • Higher in duty cycle. Higher in deposition efficiency. Higher in wire feeding speed. 28m/min at maximum. Welding speed can exceed 2m/min, with no sacrifices of welding result.
  • Smooth and highly successful in arc ignition. Welding pool can be immediately created after ignition. Full-sized weld can take shape in 0.3 second.
  • Soft in welding arc; strong in gap-filling welding and allowing confident handling of seam variations resulted from un-precise cutting.
  • Sharp in welding arc; clear in arc direction; strong in arc penetration, reaching higher depth of penetration.
  • Intelligent in welding energy control, concentrating energy on the wire melting section. High in deposition efficiency. Reaching higher wire-feeding speed at the same welding wire.
  • Lower in reduced current . With a welding current control of more improved design, spatter is much limited.
Dex DM 3000 S
Control ModeFull Digital-Control
Rated Input VoltageAC 3PH 380V -15% ~ +21% (3PH 323V ~ 3PH 460V)
Input Frequency45 ~65 Hz
Rated Input Power9.2 KVA / 8.7 KW
Power Factor0.94
Efficiency81% (210A / 24.5V)
Rated OCV54.2 V
Rated Output Current280 A
Output Current Range30A~300A
Rated Output Voltage12 ~ 30 V (Precision at 0.1V)
Duty Cycle280A / 28V 60% @ 40oC
217A / 24.9V 100% @ 40oC
Duty Cycle (CE*)250A / 26.5V 60% @ 40oC
207A / 24.5V 100% @ 40oC
Applicable MaterialCarbon Steel / Stainless Steel
Welding ProcessMIG / MAG / CO2 / MMA
Wire Diameterφ 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.0 / 1.2 mm
Welding Operation Mode2T
Parameter Channel50 (Standard)
Inductance Scope (Soft / Strong Arc)-9 ~ +9
Communication with Robot ControllerAnalog;
CAN Open;
External Wire-feederYes
Cooling ModeAir Cool; Water Cool (Optional)
Wire-feeding Speed1.4 ~ 28 m/min
Electromagnetic CompatibilityIEC60974:10 EMS
Insulation GradeH
Ingress ProtectionIP 23S
Protection Against LighteningClass D (6000V/3000A)
Working Temperature & Humidity-40oC ~ +70oC; Humidity ≤ 95%;
Dimension (L / W / H)610 x 260 x 398 mm
Gross Weight23.7 KG
Water Cooler Anycool-68 (Optional)
Rated Power260W
Rated VoltageAC 380V
Volume of Cooling Water6.8L
Flow of Cooling Water3.5L / min
Max Pump Head20 m