Plasma Cutting System CUTLINE 40W

For cutting of all electrically conductive materials up to 40 mm material thickness with water-cooled plasma hand torch PHT-45 W/L (with central connector)

  • with plasma gas air
  • and for plasma gouging
  • Excellently suitable in industry and craft, in small and medium-sized companies and training Centre’s, for repairs and on construction sites
  • Suitable for straight, profile, template and bevel cutting in all positions, for piercing, for hole and slot cutting as well as for plasma gouging

Power Source CUTLINE 40W

  • 2 cutting current steps: 50 and 100 A
  • Display for “ready for operation”, plasma arc „ON“ and collective failure
  • Plasma hand torch with central connector (length 6 m)
  • Integrated water cooling for high lifetime of consumables with monitoring by flow indicator
  • Monitoring of water cycle with flow controller
  • Water tank with large opening
  • Oil and water separator as well as adjustment of plasma gas pressure by reducer/cleaner on rear wall
  • Work piece cable permanently attached
  • Transportation also by crane or fork lift possible
  • Wide range of accessories (optional) for practical day to day use of the hand torch
  • Increase of lifetime of consumables by direct and effective cooling of plasma torch (lifetime of nozzles and cathodes up to 6 times higher) and no wear of torch body
  • Soft start circuit at cutting start and piercing increases the lifetime of nozzles and cathodes additionally.
  • Air consumption reduced by ca. 80% compared with air-cooled plasma torches
  • Safe pilot-arc ignition by high-voltage impulses.
  • Running cutting start and running piercing possible, no reference point necessary
  • Automatic power increase of the pilot arc at work piece contact
  • Soft start circuit at cutting start and piercing increases the lifetime of nozzles and cathodes

Optional Accessories

  • Plasma hand torch with central connector (10 m), other lengths on request
  • Plasma tractor FE 1 for mechanised cutting of straight cuts (track available) and circles
  • Circle cutting device with magnetic or suction holder
  • Wheel guide (ensures constant distance between torch and work piece, also for safe cutting of contours)
  • Bevel cutting device for cutting of any bevel for welding seam preparation
  • Distance cap for template cutting
  • Distance bow and distance cap for constant distance between nozzle and work piece


Connecting Power   24 kVA    
Cutting Range              
  • Maksimum
  40 mm          
  • Recommended
  1.0 mm - 30 mm          
Dimensions (L x W x H)   820 x 490 x 880 mm          
Main Voltage   3 x 230/400 V
Mains frequency   50 Hz / 60 Hz
Mains fuses (slow-blow)   32 A
Weight   132 Kg
Open Circuit Voltage   275 V    
Duty Cycle   60%
Cutting Current   50 A/ 100 A
 Protection Class    IP 22
Plasma Torch   PHT-30 W/L
Plasma gases   Air, N2
Cooling   Kjjelfrost
Pressure   0.4 - 0.5 MPa
Plasma gas consumption   26 l/Min
    Manufactured on the basis of the standard EN 60974
    CE sign, Manufacture according to DIN EN ISO 9001
    S sign, applicable to environments with increased hazard of electric shock
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