CUTi CutFire 100i

CUTi CutFire 100i

Plasma Cutting Inverter CutFire 100i

• Plasma cutting unit for cutting all electrically conductive materials
with a material thickness of up to 20 mm
• Recommended cutting range from 1 mm up to 15 mm material thickness
• Maximum Piercing 15 mm
• Use in connection with CNC-guiding systems or other machine guiding systems possible
• For straight, profile and bevel cutting up 30° in all positions
• For piercing and hole cutting
• Running cutting start and running piercing (no reference edge necessary)
• For construction of heating installations, ventilating and air
conditioning systems, as well as steel construction and
mechanical engineering

Power Source CutFire 100i

• Stepless setting of cutting current for optimum cutting
• Safe start of pilot arc by high-voltage ignition and soft start
• Fully automatic power increase when pilot arc touches work piece
• High safety at work because plasma torch provides protection against electric shock with safety circuit
• Digital display of cutting current with set point adjustment
• Pressure display and adjustment of plasma gas at the back side
• Key switch on power source (prevents unauthorized starting)
• Compressed air connection with pressure regulator and maintenance unit

Plasma Torch Flash 100

• Air cooled plasma machine torch
• HF screening of plasma torch for use in connection with CNC-guiding devices


• Remote control FB 1 for starting and ending of the cutting process

 POWER SOURCE   CutFire 100i
Connecting Power   16.6 kVA    
Max.  Cutting Range              
  • Maximum
  20 mm          
  • Recomended
  1 - 15 mm          
Dimensions (L x W x H)   710 x 280 x 590 mm          
Main Voltage   3x 400 V, 50 Hz
Mains frequency   50 Hz / 60 Hz
Mains fuses (slow-blow)   25 A
Weight   50 kg
Open Circuit Voltage   270 V ( DC )    
Cutting Current 20 – 100 A
 Protection Class    IP 21
Plasma Torch   Flash 100 G/L
Clamping diameter   36 mm
Plasma gas Air
Cooling   Air
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