Artsen Plus 350 D/P/Q

  • Tranquil Fusion for super low-spatter MAG & CO2 welding of carbon steel, and MAG welding of SUS;
  • Thunder Fusion for short-arc pulse MIG/MAG welding of carbon steal, esp. thick plate with good penetration;
  • Thunder Fusion for short-arc pulse & double-pulse MIG/MAG welding of SUS, aluminum and alloys.
  • DP Fusion for easy-to-use all-position welding;
  • Consistent penetration for stick-out variations at pulse mode;
  • Leaping Fusion for high-speed intermittent welding of carbon steel;
  • Root Fusion for root welding with stabilized arc control;
  • Anti-interference capability, esp. convenient for automation;
  • Applicable for push-pull torch;
  • Convenient upgrading with USB port.

Application & Industries

Basically, it can cover all occasions requiring welding: rail transit, automobile, shipbuilding, steel structure, container, machinery, hardware industry, heavy industrial load and other harsh environment operations.

  • Full digital and intelligent control; superbly high frequency of 100KHz; zero delay in sampling circuit to gain precise reaction to the status of the metal droplet.
  • Unique design of power releasing allowing welding current to be lowered as fast as 10,000A / millisecond. The current force has the lowest impact on the melt at the moment of metal transfer.
  • Applying worm gear motor of high torque and low inertia, and the highly precise code wheel of 120 lines and the HF motor control system. Start-up, braking and withdrawal at millisecond level are reached. Withdrawal at both the arc ignition and ending stage are controlled precisely. Together with the welding parameter control, optimum arc ignition and crater performance are gained.
  • Far-end sampling and compensation of both the positive and negative output. A clear and precise judgement of the transfer status, and an accurate control as a result, can be made even when output cable reaches 30m.
  • A stable and comprehensive hardware platform of high speed. The open software system makes it possible to expand process control program for different welding conditions and collect expert database, meeting continuously updating process demands from customers.
Artsen Plus 350 D/P/Q
Control ModeFull Digital-Control
Rated Input VoltageAC 3PH 380V +/-25% (3PH 285V ~ 3PH 475V)
AC 3PH 220V +/-15% (3PH 187V ~ 3PH 254V)
Input Frequency45 ~65 Hz
Rated Input Power16.8 KVA
Power Factor0.93
Rated OCV85V
Rated Output Current30 ~ 350 A
Rated Output Voltage12 ~ 45 V (Precision at 0.1V)
Duty Cycle350A / 33.5V 60% @ 40oC
270A / 27.5V 100% @ 40oC
Applicable MaterialD: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
P: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
Q: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy
Welding ProcessD: MIG / MAG / CO2; Low-spatter;
P: MIG / MAG / CO2; Low-spatter; Short-arc Pulse
Q: MIG / MAG / CO2; Low-spatter; Short-arc Pulse
Wire Diameterφ 0.8 / 0.9 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.6 mm
Welding Operation Mode2T / 4T / Special 4T / Spot Welding / Leaping Welding
Inductance Scope (Soft / Strong Arc)-7 ~ +7
Push-pull Torch Function (1)Yes
Communication with Robot ControllerAnalog; DeviceNet; CAN Open; MEGMEET CAN; EtherNet/IP (2)
Digital Meter on Wire-feederYes
Cooling ModeAir Cool; Water Cool (Optional)
Electromagnetic CompatibilityIEC60974:10 EMS
Insulation GradeH
Ingress ProtectionIP 23S
Protection Against LighteningClass D (6000V/3000A)
Working Temperature & Humidity-39oC ~ +50oC; Humidity ≤ 95%;
Dimension (L / W / H)620 x 300 x 480 mm
Gross Weight52 KG
Water Cooler (Optional)
Rated Power260W
Rated VoltageAC 400V
Volume of Cooling Water10L
Flow of Cooling Water3.5L / min
Max Pump Head30 m
Flow AlarmYes

(1) Please contact with MEGMEET to specify the model of the push-pull torch.

(2) EtherNet/IP is optional.