Artsen II CM 500

  • Digital Microprocessor Controlled Inverter Technology.
  • Synergic control of MIG/MAG/C02 process, Pulse / Double Pulse MIG/MAG.
  • Stable welding with stick-out length up to 30mm
  • Standard locking function for both front panel locking & parameters range locking.
  • Standard Job saving features (up to 50 Job)
  • Supporting SMARC for networking
  • Convenient for building multi-operator system
  • Proven record in heavy industries since 2014;
  • High tolerance against input voltage fluctuation (25%+/-);
  • Superior reliability with self-protecting design and error code display for easy maintenance;

Intermediate Wire-feeder

  • Light and small. with convenience for frequent mobility;
  • Rigid with aluminum framework;
  • Digital display of welding current and voltage;
  • Functional for current and voltage set-up;
  • Supporting both solid wire and flux-cored wire;
  • Standard gas-cool and water-cool;
  • Synchronization between main and intermediate wire-feeder;
  • Self-protecting rubber inter-connection cable;

Application & Industries

  • Independent operation panel and display in the wire-feeder, allowing convenient check and adjustment of welding parameters.
  • Synchronous driving with 2 motors, flexible torch configuration, expansion capability with mid-way wire-feeder and push-pull torch. Practical for welding operation of long distance and in narrow space.
  • Professional performance for materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy with DC, Pulsed DC and Double Pulsed DC process.
  • Up to 50 channels with non-delay switch; up to 200 defect records bringing higher convenience to identify the on-site troubles.
  • Abundant internal menu and specification opened to adjustment, meeting extreme welding demands.
  • Diversified expert system and specialized program for aluminum welding ensuring the optimum welding result for different types of aluminum alloy.
  • Full digital control at high speed, monitoring each phase of the metal transfer, achieving“One Pulse, One Droplet”precisely for a satisfactory welding result of extremely controlled spatter.
  • Rich welding expert database; synergic adjustment allows automatic matching of key parameters and satisfactory welding result.
  • Parameters of each welding steps open to adjustment, ensuring precise adjustment for different working conditions and achieve better welding quality.
  • Upgradable process program to realize high efficiency welding of various special metal materials, such as high strength steel Q690, silicon bronze and aluminum bronze.
Artsen CM 500
Control ModeFull Digital-Control
Rated Input VoltageAC 3PH 380V +/-25% (3PH 285V ~ 3PH 475V)
Input Frequency30 ~ 80 Hz
Rated Input Power22.3 KVA
Power Factor0.93
Rated OCV73.3 V
Rated Output Current30 ~ 500 A
Rated Output Voltage12 ~ 45 V (Precision at 0.1V)
Duty Cycle500A 60% @ 40oC
390A 100% @40oC
Applicable MaterialCarbon Steel
Welding ProcessMIG / MAG / CO2
Wire Diameterφ 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.6 mm
Welding Operation Mode2T / 4T / Special 4T / Spot Welding
Parameter Channel50 (Standard)
Inductance Scope (Soft / Strong Arc)-9 ~ +9
Push-pull Torch Function (1)Yes
Communication with Robot ControllerAnalog; DeviceNet; CAN Open; MEGMEET CAN; EtherNet/IP (2)
Digital Meter on Wire-feederYes
Cooling ModeAir Cool; Water Cool (Optional)
Electromagnetic CompatibilityIEC60974:10 EMS
Insulation GradeH
Ingress ProtectionIP 23S
Protection Against LighteningClass D (6000V/3000A)
Working Temperature & Humidity-39oC ~ +50oC ; Humidity ≤ 95%;
Dimension (L / W / H)620 x 300 x 480 mm
Gross Weight52 KG
Water Cooler (Optional)
Rated Power260W
Rated VoltageAC 400V
Volume of Cooling Water10L
Flow of Cooling Water3.5L / min
Max Pump Head30 m
Flow AlarmYes

(1) Please contact with MEGMEET to specify the model of the push-pull torch.

(2) EtherNet/IP is optional.