Artsen CM500C

Intelligent Welding Machine with Carrier-wave Communication for Industrial and Heavy-duty Conditions

  • Professionally designed for shipbuilding, marine and offshore industry, and largesize steel construction.
  • Born for long-distance Welding.
  • Pioneer in carrier-wave technology for two-way communication.
  • Statistics shows that 70% welding machines become defective on site because of the damaged control cable or its connectors. Thanks to the carrier-wave technology, cables are integrated. Reliability was greatly upgraded for higher production efficiency.
  • Duty cycle of 100% for 500A output at 40oC.
  • High wire-feeding speed of 24m/min to achieve high deposition efficiency.
  • Outstanding protection design for the wife-feeder and PCBA to achieve stable performance in tough conditions like vibration, collision, moisture and salt damage.
  • Long-distant welding up to 100 meters becomes practical and stable. Pioneer in the industry to apply carrier-wave technology for two-way communication between wire-feeder and power source.
  • Allowing low amperage of 150A for upward vertical position of welding with flux-cored wire and with 50m connection cable.
  • Allowing upward vertical position of welding in straight line for special-purposed flux-cored wire (E71T-1C). Comparing with weaving welding, heat input is largely reduced.
  • Protecting the power source against short circuit from any of the peripheral cable sets. An error code will display in both the power source and the wire-feeder, and will disappear after short circuit is removed.
  • Over-current protection for the wire-feeder against motor short circuit, stuck wire. Protection and recovery are both automatic.
  • Automatic over-current / short circuit and open circuit protection for the electromagnetic valve.
  • High-frequency inspection and control with full digital technology. Enabling a much more stabilized low current.
  • Weight and dimension of external cables are greatly reduced, and brings convenience for mobility.
  • Clear display of welding current and voltage in the wire-feeder. Various welding parameters can be adjusted in the wire-feeder, saving extra adjustment equipment and time to operate on the power source.
    • Easier control of welding specification by the operators, who can check the welding parameters clearly as the distance is shortened by the wire-feeder. The complicated setup before welding will also not be necessary.
    • Allowing inspectors to check the real-time parameters for long-distance operation, bringing less concern to management and supervision.
    • Display of error code in the wire-feeder enabling a faster identification and feedback of the defects.
  • The uniquely designed two-way high-speed carrier-wave communication. Wire-feeder and power source synchronizes at high speed, preventing the interface signal from interference.
    • Smoother arc ignition. Through synchronization, problems like inconsistent burn-back, wire exploration, damage to electrode can be avoided.
    • Improved crater performance. Through synchronization, risks like over-sized wire tips and sticking would be avoided.
    • The two-way digital communication enables the signals with higher ability against interference and ensures effective connection cable up to 100m. The same performance can be maintained with rolled-up cable set.

Artsen CM 500C
Control ModeFull Digital-Control
Carrier-Wave CommunicationHigh-speed Two-way Digital Carrier-wave Communication
Rated Input VoltageAC 3PH 380V +/-25% (3PH 285V ~ 3PH 475V)
Input Frequency30 ~80 Hz
Rated Input Power24 KVA
Power Factor0.93
Rated OCV75V
Rated Output Current50 ~ 500 A
Rated Output Voltage12 ~ 50 V (Precision at 0.1V)
Duty Cycle500A / 39V 100% @40oC
Applicable MaterialCarbon Steel
Welding ProcessCO2 / MAG / FCAW / MMA
Wire Diameterφ1.0 / 1.2 / 1.4 / 1.6 mm
Welding Operation Mode2T / 4T / Special 4T
Parameter Channel10 (Standard)
Inductance Scope (Soft / Strong Arc)-9 ~ +9
Reserved Communication InterfaceCAN
Cooling ModeAir Cool
Digital Meter on Wire-feederYES
Wire-feeding Speed1.4 ~ 24 m/min
Electromagnetic CompatibilityIEC60974:10 EMS
Ingress ProtectionIP 23S
Insulation GradeH
Protection Against LighteningClass D (6000V/3000A)
Working Temperature-39oC ~ +50oC
Dimension (L / W / H)620 x 300 x 480 mm
Gross Weight52 KG