ARC200C – Z247 (Cellulose)

  • Professional quality IGBT Inverter.
  • Excellent cellulosic performance.
  • Single PCB, compact and portable.
  • Energy saving with excellent dynamic characteristics and high efficiency.
  • Easy arc starting, minimal spatter.
  • Arc force and high O.C.V is available for long length of welding cable.


  • Lift-arc TIG
  • Built-in hot start
  • Built-in arc force
  • O.H. indicator
  • Anti-stick
  • Digital display meter


  • VRD
Technical Parameters
ARC200C Z247
Input power source1~AC230V ± 15% 50/60 Hz
Rated input current (A)42.2
Rated input power capacity (KVA)9.7
Output current range (A)20-200
Arc-force range (A)90
No-load voltage (V)78
Rated duty cycle (%) 40oC30
Efficiency (%)85
Power factor (cosφ)0.7
Protection classIP21
Insulation class F
Dimensions (mm)381x138x286
Weight (kg)6.1