rootarc  pipeSolution

  pipeTruck – MAG orbital system

  Welding at MAG speed with TIG reliability.




  • pipeSolution/pipeTruck – up to 400% quicker than manual TIG and MMA welding
  • Low and high-alloy solid wires (e.g. for the parent metal alloy 625)
  • Rutile and basic flux-cored wires (e.g. for the parent metal high heat-resistant steel P91)
  • Performance is significantly enhanced for root welding: Automated pipeSolution® achieves 150 to 500 mm per minute
  • root welding in one operation without backing run
  • MAG welding with pipeSolution® process on pipes with 3,400 mm diameter – wall thicknesses up to 30 mm
  • Flawless welding result – high quality: certified by TÜV Hesse in welding procedure test according to AD 2000 regulations
  • Root welding in one operation: Especially efficient, without a backing run, without weld pool backing
  • The entire pipeTruck MAG orbital system from a single source.