RootArc and RootArc Puls

RootArc and RootArc Puls

rootarc  RootArc

  RootArc Puls

  The arc with optimum control of the weld pool



rootArc: Short arc with perfect weld modelling capabilities for effortless gap bridging and positional welding.
rootArc puls: The perfect enhancement for focused heat input for the higher performance range


  • Reliable short arc welding in all positions
  • Ideally suited for vertical-up welds (PF) without using the laborious “Christmas tree technique”
  • Quick and reliable root welding in TIG quality
  • Effortless welding of vertical-up/down welds and overhead welds
  • Ideal for CO2 and mixed gas
  • Reduced-energy short arc for effortless mastery of gaps
  • Low-spatter, digitally-controlled material transfer
  • Perfect for sheet metal from 1 mm onward
  • Excellent for butt welds and lap welds


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