ColdArc and ColdArc Puls

ColdArc and ColdArc Puls

coldarc simbol  ColdArc

  ColdArc Puls

  Perfect welding and brazing


ColdArc: Heat-reduced, low-spatter short arc for high dimensional stability welding and brazing, plus root welding with excellent gap bridging capabilities.

ColdArc puls: The optimum enhancement for the higher performance range, with focused heat input – there where the heat is required.


  •  Root welding with TIG quality and MAG speed – up to 400% quicker than manual TIG and MMA welding.
  • Thin metal welding of plain steel and stainless steel, with much less distortion.
  • Reduced-energy short arc with unique gap bridging.
  • Digitally controlled, nearly power-free material transfer.
  • Perfect for sheet metal from 0.5 mm onward.
  • -99% less spatter
  • Outstanding for butt welds, lap welds and edge welds.
  • Ideal for CO2 and mixed gas.
  • Heat-reduced brazing with innovative, zincbased solders with low melting point.
  • Up to 75% less welding fume emissions when compared with coldArc/coldArc puls vs. standard short arc
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